Geb: Land of the Dead

First Session

What a mess.

Session entry by Beckma Dremetis

Entry 1
I realized that is I were to keep track of all our failed but heroic deeds, I’d have to start writing a journal. So here it is…

Entry 2
After sitting in this boat, hiding from the crew for many days, Denmar and I were discovered. We were lucky, the man that found us decided to continue to keep us a secret and so the days kept passing. I’m so tired of the smell, I mean Denmar is not the best dwarf when it comes to hygiene, so it smells but thank god that I have prestidigitation.

Entry 3
MOTHERF!!!!! ARRRGH ! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! We were just told that we weren’t headed for the Mana Wastes… I guess that’s a good thing considering my wizard eyes, but god damn it! Geb! Why are they…we, headed for Geb?! That place only houses undead. ARRRGGG!!!!!!!!

Entry 4
So yesterday was a shit day right, well today didn’t any better. It started with Denmar and I being found. The captain…Fungus I think his name was. Say that we would be handed over to the proper authorities once we hit land… shit.

Entry 5
Oh my god! I give up! The gods just don’t like me, that has to be it! So I haven’t written the last two days, do you know why?

A ghost ship attacked us! Jepp a ghost ship! One second I was sitting in the brig in the next this huge son of a giant woman, kicks open the door and then the guy that had kept us hidden came down with weapons on screamed that we were under attack. I think his name was Azad, a tan looking fella. Anyway we ran up on deck and there tons of skeletons was hacking an slashing the crew and soldiers to pieces. Then a man shouted for us to abandon the boat and I was happy to do it, so we jumped and washed up on the shore. There we found Sir Hornmane, the same man that had told us to jump. His leg was missing and I was sure he was a goner.



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