Geb: Land of the Dead

Round 2

A big house!

Session entry by Beckma Dremetis

Entry 6
Damn it Danmar! Where are you? I found you loud piece of weaponry. I kept it in case we find you or you find us.

We took what we could carry from the wreck before we headed northwest ish on the directions of Hornmane. That led us strait in the grass plains and just as I look up a large flock of black birds, probably ravens, made a sharp turn and I just know that they were looking for something and now, I guess they found it.

Entry 7
We found some huge stones that we hid in and guess what, I was right! I spotted a hunting party of four. Three zombie-looking motherbuckers and one that looked to be the “leader”. I told the rest before Azad made this brilliant plan that he would lure them in to him and Hornmane and then Meeu and I would ambush them.

It kind of worked; we killed all of them, although the “leader”, that turned out to be a ghoul, managed to bite Azad. He seems fine; he just froze for 10 seconds.

After that Hornmane told us what his real quest was. I mean I admire the man for his courage but he’s in way over his head.
At least for now out goal is to get to Geb’s rest to meet up with some allies that traveled by land.

Entry 8
I took first watch and found a piece of plank that Azad had picked up. I made a crutch, thinking that if Hornmane were to travel with us he would need all the help he could get. After we all hade rested Hornmane healed his broken foot and found the crutch. I didn’t tell him that I made it, I let him believe his Goddess had brought it to him.

Entry 9
We started to move in the middle of the night. I’m used to walking around with others that have dark vision, so walking with Meeu, Azad and Hornmane that couldn’t see, was new and difficult. We met some difficulties but Azad got us through them. When we past the danger, our one legged paladin, Hornmane told us that 100 miles remained until we were in Geb’s rest…I’m so tired of this, not only is my best friend missing, but everything we say, Meeu repeats and tries to figure out the word. Don’t get me wrong she is use full but oh my god it’s irritating.

Entry 10
We found an undead farm today. It even gave me the creeps. I never though I would feel sorry for anyone in this land but now I do. We decided that we needed food and then to steal some wheat. That was when one of the living guards saw us. Azard and the man talked in a language I didn’t understand and then we were brought inside. It occurred to us pretty fast that it was a trap and we had Meeu “fix” the guard for our escape. We snuck in to a cottage and took four sacks of flour but were spotted on the way out.

They came riding after us, but I have some tricks up my sleeve. I cast a grease spell that caused one of the riders to fall off his horse and then his horse fell on top of him, crushing his legs. Right after that a huge, ghost spider walked right past me…sometimes there wizard eyes are so annoying.

I looked over at Meeu that was surrounded, but she hammered and bit her way out. I like her more and more, and then the man who fell off his horse had it coming. I lit the grease on fire, and both the horse and its rider were burned alive.

Entry 11
We finally found a place with real beds, YES! We went to the first tavern/inn/common hall we found and I treated all of us to some mutton. I never thought I would be happy for that sorry excuse of a meal but I was so relived to finally get some meat. In the corner of my eye a dark figure got my attention. He was clearly a necromancer judging by the skulls on his robes and the alive snake, slithering around his staff. He invited me over to his table and as I walked over, I noticed Meeu following me. We sat down with the handsome stranger. He introduced himself as Cephal Tarlock, the major of Tarlock’s hollow.

Ehhhh, what’s with people and naming thing after them here?

Anyway, he offered me a nice vine and after some conversation and an excellent job of putting the topic of conversation on something else than who we were and where we came from. He invited me over to him, in his big house and of course I said yes.

p.s the whole time we were there I told Hornmane to play mute. Because he can’t lie, stupid paladin. So if you think about it, I just told a paladin to shut up for two whole days!

Entry 12
Today left the big house and met up with the rest. Meeu asked me right away if he hade a big house, poor soul. I almost couldn’t keep myself form laughing. I told her that he had a big house and in hopes of the conversation ending there I smiled. Just then I saw Azad standing behind Meeu, his face tomato red, with one hand over his mouth. I could tell that he was having just as much trouble as me trying not to laugh. She then proceeded to ask about his snake and then I broke, I laughed so hard and Meeu, poor girl didn’t know what was so funny.

Before leaving we stocked up on supplies and decided against taking a route through the Mana Wastes. I can’t begin to tell you how relived I was. Also Meeu told us that she wants to learn how to read…I don’t know how I feel about that. I think I’ll help her with it, just because it would be fun to give some of my knowledge to somebody else.

Entry 13
Okay, now I feel so good about myself! So what happened was that on our way to Geb’s rest, we have to pass some Chattel houses. Now we encountered the first one. The paladin and Azad immediately wanted to run down there but we decided to wait until nightfall, then sneak in, kill the guards and free the people.

It worked, sort off…well we got in, killed some dudes and skeletons. Then we got to the courtyard where they kept the “chattel”, that was when things got a bit tricky. A few guards that Hornmane didn’t mange to distract outside of the building. They saw us and started to fire crossbow bolts. Azad fixed that and made a fog appear, covering the “chattel” and us. We got them out, giving them the weapons we had taken from the shitfaces we had killed earlier. They got out, I had a marvelous shot with my new Heavy crossbow and one-shot a guard.

After the battle we found Hornmane on surrounded, we killed them, helped him up. Then the shitties thing happened… up on the wall, Meeu climbed that high wall like motherducker! I didn’t see what happened, all I know was that the necromancer ran away and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Then we searched the rest of the building, burned the bodies and I may have started a tiny fire in one of the rooms, but don’t tell anyone.


Haha, awsome. Kjekt med andre POI og xD

Round 2

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