Geb: Land of the Dead

Session 1

Session entry from Acolyte Azad’s personal journal.

Entry 1

I’m starting this journal to have a place to put down the details of my travels, hopefully they won’t be all to interesting.

Entry 2

After a long journey from Andoran and a good deal of work put into keeping our ship’s two stowaways out of view of the rest of the crew we can finally lay our eyes upon the shoreline of Geb. The two stowaways, Denmar McKent and Beckma, weren’t too pleased to hear that our destination wasn’t Nex or the Mana Wastes.

Entry 3

The stowaways were found yesterday. The captain wasn’t too pleased about it. Luckily they didn’t rat out my involvement in their continued stay. The Captain Fergunn said they would be handed over to the proper authorities, though I suspect the man to possess enough of kind heart to at least bring them to a country where they won’t be used as cattle for their crimes.

Entry 4

Man. A lot has happened since the last entry. The ship is gone. Ive got good reason to believe the captain and crew dead. Sir Hornmane lived, but with grave injuries.

It started when I was heading for the upper deck after being posted as guard together with the dimwit-Meeu. We were to watch Denmar and Beckma in the brig. Anyway, as I reached the upper deck I noticed a thick unnatural fog enveloping the ship.

Soon after conferring with Sir Hornmane, the ship was attacked by an unknown vessel and skeletons streamed aboard. I took it upon myself to arm and gear our stowaways. I thought their help could be useful. They’d be dead now if I hadn’t done that.

We fought valiantly, and with Sarenrae’s help seems to get control over the skeletons. That’s when a horrible armor-clad abomination stepped onto the ship. Sir Hornmane told us to abandon ship, and we did.

I saved Meeu from drowning. Upon the beach I found Sir Hornmane. He was missing a leg and seemed to be on his last breath. He told me that “the mission of the Knights of Ozum must go on” and that it was up to us now. I’m not certain what to make of it. I’m just a lowly priest, certainly no knight of legend.




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