Arazni, the Harlot Queen

Queen of Geb


Arazni was once a demigod and the herald of the god Aroden. Very little is known of her from this time, although several sources do mention that she was acquainted with Sunlord Thalachos, the herald of the goddess Sarenrae.

She served as the patron saint of the Knights of Ozem, a religious military order that fought against the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade in the 39th century AR. The Knights summoned her in 3818 AR to lead them in battle, but she was ultimately humiliated and slain by the tyrant in 3823 AR. In an effort to demoralize his opponents, the lich threw her broken body back to her knights during the Battle of Three Sorrows.

After the end of the crusade in 3827 AR, her body was finally interred by the Knights of Ozem in their new citadel in the new nation of Lastwall. Her body did not remain there for very long, however, as it was stolen in 3890 AR at the behest of the ghost-king Geb in retaliation for a failed assault on his kingdom by the Knights of Ozem. She was swiftly brought to his nation, where he transformed her into a lich and named her his Harlot Queen. Over a period of years, Geb used his subtle, yet powerful influence the once-powerful goddess, until nothing remained of her former personality. He even turned her against her former allies, particularly, Iomedae, her successor as Aroden’s herald.

Although not nearly as powerful as she once was as a demi-god, Arazni is still a potent force in her own right, and continues to keep the scheming and independent-minded undead who help run the country from seizing power for themselves. She has a retinue of six former Knights of Ozem, re-animated by Geb as graveknights. She rules Geb from the Cinerarium in the centre of Mechitar, allowing Geb to focus on more esoteric matters, without having to trouble himself with matters of state.

Arazni, the Harlot Queen

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