Azad Achandabai


Azad Achandabai was born into a poor Kelish peasant family in Taldor. essentially second class citizens, his family lived in the fairly remote community of Agri’Ala, where the community collectively worshipped Sarenrae in secret, as worship of the Dawnflower is banned in Taldor.

Essentially raised into the faith, Azad was trained to enter the priesthood from the second it was known he had the favour of Sarenrae. Azad learned many things, about the gods and the devils of the world and beyond. He learned how to counsel, and how to turn evil to good. But in all their training, the priests forgot to teach him how the world actually works. So when the wide-eyed boy was sent from Taldor to a temple in Osirion to finish his training he went into the world with a rose-tinted glasses.

Histime in Osirion did little to change this, as the intense training he was put into, with both the blade and divine spell, took up all of his time. And then came the fateful hour when he was tricked aboarda ship bound south, the Sikamore, because the Osirian high priests had seen that without the light of pure and naive Azad, the cause of light would surely fail.

But now it remains to be seen if Azad’s inner light will survive the ordeals in front of him…


Azad Achandabai

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