The ghost-king of Geb


Geb is a powerful necromancer whose magic is in the tradition of ancient Osirion. He is from a noble house that was exiled from Osirion, and he became the ruler of the southern land of Geb, a country which now bears his name.

His overriding passion is his rivalry with the Archmage Nex. Their respective lands first went to war in -892 AR.

Both used powerful magic to extend their lives, so the conflict lasted for centuries. It was responsible for the creation of the Mana Wastes.

Geb won the contest in 576 AR when Nex disappeared during a magical attack on his capital of Quantium. Uncertainty as to Nex’s exact fate ate away at Geb, and in 632 AR he committed ritual suicide. However, his obsession with Nex could not be ended so easily; Geb rose as a ghost, unable to find rest until he can convince himself that Nex has truly been defeated. Nex has not been seen for four millennia, but Geb still worries that his rival has somehow managed to survive.

In 3890 AR, Geb stole the corpse of Arazni from the Knights of Ozem and reanimated her as a lich. Nowadays, Geb rarely appears before his people. Arazni, the Harlot Queen of Geb, rules in his stead. However, he still takes a personal interest when his realm is threatened. For example, in 4329 AR, he turned an invading army of warrior women to stone, creating the Field of Maidens.


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