Azad's Journal

Entry 1

I’m starting this journal to have a place to put down the details of my travels, hopefully they won’t be all to interesting.

Entry 2

After a long journey from Andoran and a good deal of work put into keeping our ship’s two stowaways out of view of the rest of the crew we can finally lay our eyes upon the shoreline of Geb. The two stowaways, Denmar McKent and Beckma, weren’t too pleased to hear that our destination wasn’t Nex or the Mana Wastes.

Entry 3

The stowaways were found yesterday. The captain wasn’t too pleased about it. Luckily they didn’t rat out my involvement in their continued stay. The Captain Fergunn said they would be handed over to the proper authorities, though I suspect the man to possess enough of kind heart to at least bring them to a country where they won’t be used as cattle for their crimes.

Entry 4

Man. A lot has happened since the last entry. The ship is gone. Ive got good reason to believe the captain and crew dead. Sir Hornmane lived, but with grave injuries.

It started when I was heading for the upper deck after being posted as guard together with the dimwit-Meeu. We were to watch Denmar and Beckma in the brig. Anyway, as I reached the upper deck I noticed a thick unnatural fog enveloping the ship.

Soon after conferring with Sir Hornmane, the ship was attacked by an unknown vessel and skeletons streamed aboard. I took it upon myself to arm and gear our stowaways. I thought their help could be useful. They’d be dead now if I hadn’t done that.

We fought valiantly, and with Sarenrae’s help seems to get control over the skeletons. That’s when a horrible armor-clad abomination stepped onto the ship. Sir Hornmane told us to abandon ship, and we did.

I saved Meeu from drowning. Upon the beach I found Sir Hornmane. He was missing a leg and seemed to be on his last breath. He told me that “the mission of the Knights of Ozum must go on” and that it was up to us now. I’m not certain what to make of it. I’m just a lowly priest, certainly no knight of legend.

Entry 5

Me, Beckma and Meeu searched up and down the shore, but the only sign we found of Denmar was his Alkenstar weapon. We salvaged what we could, but time was short.
We headed inland and northwards on direction of Sir Hornmane.

Entry 6

Beckma just noticed that a flock of birds got close and suddenly changed direction. Shit.

Entry 7

We hid in a nearby burial Cairn. Looked to be ancient Osirian. We soon spotted a hunting party. This guy leading three zombies. Upon confrontation it turned out the guy was a ghoul. He got me good. Hope I didn’t catch anything.

Hornmane told us of his mission. Its big. Not sure I’ll write about it here. At any rate, we are to meet a Pathfinder and his apprentice at Geb’s Rest.

Entry 8

Today Becma made a plank I brought from the wreck into a crutch for Hornmane. Hornmane’s broken leg was healed through a blessing from what I can only assume was his goddess, the Inheritor. It’s odd to think that he is watched over by a different goddess than I, but after some contemplation I think I feel reassured that our mission in Geb is watched over by more than one party. Maybe there even are more that have stakes in this? But that would be beyond my knowing.

Entry 9

We moved on in the middle of the night. Becma can see in the dark, apparently, so she led the way. Im not sure it’s a magical trick or a part of her heritage, and I’ve yet to find a way to ask. She is one hell of a woman, exotic and dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be on her badside, for any reason.

We saw several mounted hunters looking for us. But I was able to discern their pattern and we got past without incident. Hornmane said it was a hundred miles or more to Geb’s Rest.

Entry 10

We found a farm tended by the undead. It was horrible and fascinating at the same time. Effective and ruthless. I hate this place a bit more now.

It was decided we would steal some food from the farm, so I prayed for protection from Sarenrae and we snuck in. We were spotted immediately, but I managed to talk our way in.
We escaped what was probably gonna be a trap through what I’ve come to think of as the “Meeu”-fix. Wich is when Meeu fixes a problem with her club. We ran away with a few bags of flour but were spotted on the way out.

They came out riding, but Becma cast an odd spell that caused one of the riders to fall off his horse. Then Meeu was surrounded, but hammered and bit her way out. The man who fell off his horse got the worst of it, though. Becma lit the substance from her earlier spell on fire, and both the horse and its rider were burned alive in the conflagration.
I can still hear their screams.

We looted the sword of the one attacker that gave up and took one horse. The sword carries the sigil of <insert name="true">

Entry 11

We stayed a night in a village named Tarloc’s Hollow. Lord Tarlow and Becma hooked up for the evening. I’m not sure what I think of it, as Lord Tarlow apparently was a Necromancer. But I guess one takes pleasure where one can find it. And I’d never chastise Becma. Not sure she considers me enough of a friend to not just light me on fire if I did so.
Before we left and after spending a night there we stocked up on supplies. We decided against taking a route through the Mana Wastes, as our party uses a lot of magic to turn the tide of battles. I would like to go there, though. If only to test my resolve when I know the Dawnflower cannot reach me.

Meeu wants to learn how to read, it seems me and Becma share the sentiment that we should teach her. Meeu sometimes seems to have more lucid thoughts, but more often than not reacts to situations like a wild animal would. I think she has a good heart, though. And that’s all that really matters in the end.

Entry 12

My goddess, tonight was hectic. Good, but hectic.
We came upon a Chattlehouse. People used and bred as mere cattle. We decided it had to be destroyed, not that I think any of our opinions would have mattered to Hornmane, who seemed obsessed by it to the point of beeing suicidal. The man’s faith is as intense as the desert sun is hot. Terrifying in its own right. Hopefully there will never be a day when its pointed at me.

We saved them all, and took down a lot og bad-guys in the process. Meeu did a most spectacular aerial dive onto an enemy. The woman is a beast! I’m glad we have her with us.
Now we need to protect the captives till they are safely away. Will write more soon.

Entry 13

After following the tracks of the Gnolls, we found and resqued Denmar. I’d never imagined that he’d have survived the sinking of the Sikamore.

Entry 14

We met Lady Calentha Loxenna, who was in the artificing trade and traded a magical crosbow for a Silver figurine of a Raven that supposedly can send messages. I was then invited up for a drink, and i didn’t see anything wrong wi…
The rest of the page is torn out.

Entry 15

Lord Mayor Cephal Tarloc found and tried to apprehend us. We refused and Beckma played the loving romantic and fooled him. At least I hope she played him, and not us. At least i got to punch Beckma. I mean, she asked me to… but I enjoyed it a bit to much. I will try to refrain from it becoming a habit.

Entry 16

We finally arrived at Geb’s Rest today and we got set up in a place called “The live Man’s Refuge”. They don’t cater to the undead, wich suited us just fine.

Entry 17

In an effort to safely send the refugees from the chattlehouse to Alkenstar we needed money, so me and Meeu got in contact with the local underworld. We were intorduced to “The Baron”, a masked man who informed us that he had no love for the so called “law” in these lands, and we were promised gold for the return of a Magical Staff.

h3.Entry 18

We entered some old Osirian Burial-ruins not too far from Geb’s Rest, where we encountered the enemy, some Bloodlord-men that were also there to take the staff. The men locked themselves inside the main chamber, so me, Meeu and Jarwish searched the other parts of the ruin.

Meeu found a book that seemed to magically inscribe her name into it, so I let her keep it. We also found a ring that can make the wearer detect magic, and a magical armor bearing the colours of Nethys, the Lord of Magic. I kept the ring and Meeu took the armor.

Entry.. 19? 20? Does it matter?

It happened then. If my failure from before has come back to hound me, i could have made peace with it. Instead I have caused the death of as righteous a man as I’ve ever known. Sir Hornmane died today. He was lured into single combat against the Spymaster, but it quickly turned out that it was all a setup. All of the Queensguard were present. We were powerless to help, as they had rigged some sort of barrier that prevented out entrance. Him dying isn’t even the worst thing… The Queensguard taunted him. They… I don’t know what to do now.

The weapon turned out to be the Bloodstones of Arazni, pieces of the Harlot Queen from before she was turned. They reacted oddly, and in an event that can only be called divine intervention they seem to have purged the entirety of Geb’s Rest of undead. I will not talk down on the blessing, but I still am left with more questions and anguish.

Why did she wait till after hornmanehad died? A mere minute earlier and he could have lived. Im also not certain that it was the will of my godess that did anything.

But most of all… Sarenrae holds first and foremost that anyone is capable of beeing redeemed form their erroneous ways into the light, but does that include the treason I have wrought? The voice from the light of the Bloodstones spoke of me and my comrades as her champions, but right now I’m not even sure I can trust myself to stay, let alone lead a crusade. I will have to pray for guidance… And depending on how that fares… Well, we will see when that time comes.

Entry 21

It feels like ages since ive had a look in this journal. A few things of note have happened. Geb’s Rest has been renamed Geb’s End, I imagine it is to improve morale, or at the very least.

With the assistance of the Archlord’s magic we were transported to the faraway north of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings in hope of recruiting Ragnar Hornmane and his Ulfen Raiders. Ragnar is Lindroc Hornmane’s father, so we thought that delivering Lindroc’s blade to him might get him to understand the importance of the work we do here. He did not react well to the news of his son.

We learned that Lindroc was to be the next in line for Ragnar’s throne, and then we were thrown out of his halls. When thinking about our next course of action in a nearby tavern we met Ragnar’s daughter, Astrid, and she taught us how the inheritance of kingship is handled in the north. By single-handedly killing a “Lindworm Linnorm”, a dragonlike creature that curses its killer to an ironic death.

We also learned of the existence of a cursed shrine of Erastil and decided to investigate. A little local goodwill couldn’t hurt our cause, after all. At the shrine we were attacked by werewolves, a type of half-man half-wolf creature I’ve only heard scary tales of in my youth. After scaring them off, we found a blade in a makeshift cairn. Beckma saw the spirit of Linnroc’s deceased brother there, and he gave us permission to take the blade.

After investigating the legend of the shrine we learned that its priests had failed in their task of protecting it, and thusly Erastil had cursed them to become werewolves. We also learned that it was the High-Priest that was the guilty one, and the others had only been mislead. We found their lair and was welcomed by the stench of death.

The high priest was now little more than an unholy abomination called Rotmaw, a monster that could call upon the living dead to assist it. After a struggle that dragged on, Rotmaw was defeated and his minions, the priests, were turned to the light again, their curse now lifted.

Then it happened again.

A mighty stag, pierced by several golden arrows, approached. As we each took an arrow we could feel more power fill us, in the same way as with the Bloodstones! We had been granted the blessing of Erastil! Yet another deity blesses our most righteous venture! Oddly, Astrid didn’t recieve this blessing, even though the problem sat her more closely than us by far. But I got an answer to why that was soon after as some old crones, i think they were called Norns, approached out of the woods and wanted to speak with her.

She had been chosen to slay a Linnorm and become a Linnorm King! (Queen..?). Suddlenly everything was changed, Ragnar had an heir, and we carried the blessings of Erastil. Near two thousand Ulfen raiders joined our holy crusade!

On a lesser note, I do hope she manages to kill a Linnorm, I believe she is more than capable… Maybe if we both survive our trials i could return, after all; the cold was bad, but the scenery was beautiful. Beckma would have a field day if she read this I imagine, she tried poking fun at me for… Well, at least I played it off like it was nothing.

Oh! The others are back, I’ll have to fill in the rest later.
Thank you again, Cayden, and another toast to you!

Azad's Journal

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