Geb: Land of the Dead

Session 2

Snakes and Chattle

By Acolyte Azad

Entry 5

Me, Beckma and Meeu searched up and down the shore, but the only sign we found of Denmar was his Alkenstar weapon. We salvaged what we could, but time was short.
We headed inland and northwards on direction of Sir Hornmane.

Entry 6

Beckma just noticed that a flock of birds got close and suddenly changed direction. Shit.

Entry 7

We hid in a nearby burial Cairn. Looked to be ancient Osirian. We soon spotted a hunting party. This guy leading three zombies. Upon confrontation it turned out the guy was a ghoul. He got me good. Hope I didn’t catch anything.

Hornmane told us of his mission. Its big. Not sure I’ll write about it here. At any rate, we are to meet a Pathfinder and his apprentice at Geb’s Rest.

Entry 8

Today Becma made a plank I brought from the wreck into a crutch for Hornmane. Hornmane’s broken leg was healed through a blessing from what I can only assume was his goddess, the Inheritor. It’s odd to think that he is watched over by a different goddess than I, but after some contemplation I think I feel reassured that our mission in Geb is watched over by more than one party. Maybe there even are more that have stakes in this? But that would be beyond my knowing.

Entry 9

We moved on in the middle of the night. Becma can see in the dark, apparently, so she led the way. Im not sure it’s a magical trick or a part of her heritage, and I’ve yet to find a way to ask. She is one hell of a woman, exotic and dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be on her badside, for any reason.

We saw several mounted possy’s looking for us. But I was able to discern their pattern and we got past without incident. Hornmane said it was a hundred miles or more to Geb’s Rest.

Entry 10

We found a farm tended by the undead. It was horrible and fascinating at the same time. Effective and ruthless. I hate this place a bit more now.

It was decided we would steal some food from the farm, so I prayed for protection from Sarenrae and we snuck in. We were spotted immediately, but I managed to talk our way in.
We escaped what was probably gonna be a trap through what I’ve come to think of as the “Meeu”-fix. Wich is when Meeu fixes a problem with her club. We ran away with a few bags of flour but were spotted on the way out.

They came out riding, but Becma cast an odd spell that caused one of the riders to fall off his horse. Then Meeu was surrounded, but hammered and bit her way out. The man who fell off his horse got the worst of it, though. Becma lit the substance from her earlier spell on fire, and both the horse and its rider were burned alive in the conflagration.

I can still hear their screams.

We looted the sword of the one attacker that gave up and took one horse. The sword carries the sigil of <insert name="true">

Entry 11

We stayed a night in a village named Tarloc’s Hollow. Lord Tarlow and Becma hooked up for the evening. I’m not sure what I think of it, as Lord Tarlow apparently was a Necromancer. But I guess one takes pleasure where one can find it. And I’d never chastise Becma. Not sure she considers me enough of a friend to not just light me on fire if I did so. I will pray for her continued safety at any rate.

Before we left and after spending a night there we stocked up on supplies. We decided against taking a route through the Mana Wastes, as our party uses a lot of magic to turn the tide of battles. I would like to go there, though. If only to test my resolve when I know the Dawnflower cannot reach me.

Meeu wants to learn how to read, it seems me and Becma share the sentiment that we should teach her. Meeu sometimes seems to have more lucid thoughts, but more often than not reacts to situations like a wild animal would. I think she has a good heart, though. And that’s all that really matters in the end.

Entry 12

My goddess, tonight was hectic. It ended good, but hectic.

We came upon a Chattlehouse. People used and bred as mere cattle. We decided it had to be destroyed, not that I think any of our opinions would have mattered to Hornmane, who seemed obsessed by it to the point of beeing suicidal. The man’s faith is as intense as the desert sun is hot. Terrifying in its own right. Hopefully there will never be a day when its pointed at me.

We saved them all, and took down a lot og bad-guys in the process. Meeu did a most spectacular aerial dive onto an enemy. The woman is a beast!

Now we need to protect the captives till they are safely away. Will write more soon.



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