Geb: Land of the Dead

Session 3

Well Shit, balls, shit!

Journal entry by Beckma Dremetris

Entry 14
There are so many people here now, I mean we are heading northwest towards Geb’s rest but because of all the people we saved we’re moving so slow! There are two people sticking out f the crowd, one dwarf. He kind of looks like Denmar from behind, but when he turns around his nose is so wrong. There is also a blue lady, she looks weird. Is that a green mohawk?!

Entry 15
Azad just came back with something, it looks like a boot. It looks like Denmars boot. I knew it, I knew that little smartass wasn’t dead!

The blue lady, who’s name I can’t remember. Offered to help tracking the footprints but all she found was wagon tracks. Then Azad reminded me that the gnolls that we saw delivering the people to the chattel houses had wagons and decided to follow them. We told Hornmane that we would meet up with him in Geb’s rest and that he could go on head.

Entry 16
We have been walking the whole night! I’m so tired! And yes, finally I can get some rest. According to Miss Blue over here we are close and can afford to rest.
I damn hope she is right.

Entry 17
We are just legging it! Aeryn, or blue lady told us that if we travel at full phase, we might catch up to the gnolls today.

Entry 18
We did it, YEAH! We found the gnolls and their wagons and we murdered that shit out of them! It started like this.

We saw the wagons and then some zombies. We helped the gnolls kill the zombies and got 50gp! Then Azad gave the gnoll pieces of shit a choice; give us the prisoners/ chattel or die. Luckily for us they were suicidal. Azad held his sword to the sky and it started to burn. The leader of the shits and Azad fought and Meeu smashed some of the other gnolls in to the ground, she is so strong and amazing. No surprise, I burned some of them! Those nasty motherbuckers had it coming! One tried to run but Meeu ended him.

When the fight had ended we saw Denmar standing with us, that son of a beach were alive! I’m so happy that his guts aren’t lying in the forest somewhere. We then took two of the three wagons and we made our way northwest. The prisoners joined us and we all had a great time driving towards the next village.

Entry 19
So we found out that Geb’s rest is approximately 113km from this town and that it would take 3 days to get there. We have restocked our supplies and met up with a artificer, a beautiful woman. I noticed that she drank some nasty shit blood. So I guess one could call her a vampire, what a surprise…not really. She took a look at a red, magical, heavy crossbow and we traded it for an onyx figurine of a raven. When we say its command word it springs to life. Meeu and I headed back to the inn we stayed at and waited for Azad that stayed behind, I guess vampires like young men. He came back pretty quick, I guess he’s new that kind of thing, HAHAHAHA!
Anyway now we are going to sleep, Night

Entry 20
We are heading out towards the final destination. We have decided to ride until dusk and then make camp.

Entry 21
We have stopped to make camp; I hope we get there soon. A little down the road we saw some cows and a zombie. Then a guy on a horse killed him and then told us to keep away from the enclosure.

Entry 22
PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! I was going to sleep but Cephal decided that he missed me and came to find us. He was accompanied by five skeletons and told us that thieves was not tolerated we should come with him freely or be taken by force.



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