Geb: Land of the Dead

Session 4

Journal entry by Beckma Dremetris

A short rest in Geb’s rest
Entry 23
Well shit… we beat Cephal Tarloc for now…oh and yes my jaw hurts because Azad punched me! Don’t get me wrong I asked him to, but I think he punched a little herder then a fake punch. Anyway, Meeu charge them and we go all of his skeleton buddies.

Entry 24
And finally! Geb’s rest! We’re here! We have found an inn called “the live mans refuge” we rented rooms and then we went shopping! I bought Azad and Meeu some cheat rings because I could, and I found some gloves I think Denmar would like. They look like something from Alkenstar.

Of to bed…



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