Geb: Land of the Dead

Session 5

Journal entry by Beckma Dremetris

“…and I see fire!”

Entry 25
It was a quiet morning…it has been a quiet dat all together. I decided to start learning Meeu the alphabet. We bought books… I used 85 firkin gold pieces on that shit! 85 gold for 3 books!

I managed to learn her the letters A – J before she got tired. We went outside to the marked again and paid a lady to teach Meeu to paint. I left her there, with the paint.

I went back to the inn and stared to talk with a muscular guy, he told me he worked for a caravan and that he wanted to buy me drinks. I said I only drank the pricy stuff and I think he got sad because he couldn’t afford it.

Entry 26
Next day we head out to meet with som shady people. We had looted some bad people and now we are selling their armour and weapons to some people that Azad and Meeu had contacted.

Entry 27
We woke up, ate and went outside. There a lot of people gathering around a platform, surrounded with guards. On top there are four figures. I have to get closer to get a good look.

Apparently it’s the Lord Mayor of Geb’s rest, he’s a vampire (Nosferatu). Not a Lord mayor I want to get involved with. With him there are three others, they are dhampires. The only thing I can focus on is the four ghosts chained to the staff of the one mage looking guy.

I snap out of it as Azad directs my attention towards a guy standing a few feet ahead of us. He has a jade earring and is missing an index finger. That’s our guy. I can’t recall who told us to find him, but Azad assured me that he could be trusted.

Entry 28
We followed the guy and eventually we talked. Azad said some password thing and he took us to his hideout. When we entered I recognised the spell he had on his door. It was a decrease sound spell, to keep people from listening in or scrying. He introduced himself as Akil Condas and he told ut that we would pass unnoticed if we looked undead. That is when he shows us an artefact that would give you the aprons of an undead. If you drank from it once you turned undead for about 20 minutes. If you drank from it and did a ritual it was permanent until you reversed it.

Entry 29
I checked out of the inn, we decided to star at Akils place. It’s tiny but cozy I guess. Then the question about a tomb we found some days ago. Turnes out Meeu found a book with her name on it… like literally it said “Meeu” on the cover, but the book is like super old!

I sensed some magic from it and found out that som dark shit was coming from it. I can’t tell if it’s a curse of just dark magic in the book. I tried to learn Meeu some more common but she saw a sign in one of the books I bought. I didn’t know what it was and either did Azad. Turnes out, thanks to Akil that it’s ancient assyrian… WHAT THE!? How can she not know any of the common languages but she knows ancient assyrian?

I need some air. I climbed to the roof and took a breather. Taking in everything.

Entry 30
“…And I see fire inside the city, and I see fire burning the streets” well I guess I should get the other and go help. Smoke was rising from were the live ans refuge were. We stealthily made our way over and found the place burning bright. We when around back and took out some guys, I don’t know how they are but I didn’t have time to think about it. I climbed in one of the windows on the second floor and started to search for people, civilians and others. I managed to get out a couple before Akil came up the stair the the inn. He and Meeu had cleared the first floor. I sendt Akil down with the people and I was about to follow until I heard someone in one of the rooms closest to the fire. I kicked open the door and found the caravan guy half naked and hungover.

I kind of feel bad but then again not so much.

It enden with one of the dampire dudes coming with some guards, he and some of the guards followed Azad as ha ran away, loosing them in the marked. Akil, me, Horname and Meeu followed the rest of the guards that was arresting the couple from the inn. We took them out and send the couple, who turned out to be the inn owners, Out of the city to start again somewhere else.

Then we headed back the HQ.


Good job on these journals! :)

Session 5

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