Geb: Land of the Dead

To the Land of the Linnorm Kings

Or: How we hired two thousand vikings

Exerpt form Azad’s personal journal:

It feels like ages since ive had a look in this journal. A few things of note have happened. Geb’s Rest has been renamed Geb’s End, I imagine it is to improve morale, or at the very least.

With the assistance of the Archlord’s magic we were transported to the faraway north of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings in hope of recruiting Ragnar Hornmane and his Ulfen Raiders. Ragnar is Lindroc Hornmane’s father, so we thought that delivering Lindroc’s blade to him might get him to understand the importance of the work we do here. He did not react well to the news of his son.

We learned that Lindroc was to be the next in line for Ragnar’s throne, and then we were thrown out of his halls. When thinking about our next course of action in a nearby tavern we met Ragnar’s daughter, Astrid, and she taught us how the inheritance of kingship is handled in the north. By single-handedly killing a “Lindworm Linnorm”, a dragonlike creature that curses its killer to an ironic death.

We also learned of the existence of a cursed shrine of Erastil and decided to investigate. A little local goodwill couldn’t hurt our cause, after all. At the shrine we were attacked by werewolves, a type of half-man half-wolf creature I’ve only heard scary tales of in my youth. After scaring them off, we found a blade in a makeshift cairn. Beckma saw the spirit of Linnroc’s deceased brother there, and he gave us permission to take the blade.

After investigating the legend of the shrine we learned that its priests had failed in their task of protecting it, and thusly Erastil had cursed them to become werewolves. We also learned that it was the High-Priest that was the guilty one, and the others had only been mislead. We found their lair and was welcomed by the stench of death.

The high priest was now little more than an unholy abomination called Rotmaw, a monster that could call upon the living dead to assist it. After a struggle that dragged on, Rotmaw was defeated and his minions, the priests, were turned to the light again, their curse now lifted.

Then it happened again.

A mighty stag, pierced by several golden arrows, approached. As we each took an arrow we could feel more power fill us, in the same way as with the Bloodstones! We had been granted the blessing of Erastil! Yet another deity blesses our most righteous venture! Oddly, Astrid didn’t recieve this blessing, even though the problem sat her more closely than us by far. But I got an answer to why that was soon after as some old crones, i think they were called Norns, approached out of the woods and wanted to speak with her.

She had been chosen to slay a Linnorm and become a Linnorm King! (Queen..?). Suddlenly everything was changed, Ragnar had an heir, and we carried the blessings of Erastil. Near two thousand Ulfen raiders joined our holy crusade!

On a lesser note, I do hope she manages to kill a Linnorm, I believe she is more than capable… Maybe if we both survive our trials i could return, after all; the cold was bad, but the scenery was beautiful. Beckma would have a field day if she read this I imagine, she tried poking fun at me for… Well, at least I played it off like it was nothing.

Oh! The others are back, I’ll have to fill in the rest later.
Thank you again, Cayden, and another toast to you!



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